YouRam - YouTube Embed plugin

YouTube Channel, Playlist & Video Gallery [jQuery plugin]

Download YouRam 1.0

YouTube Links can be a channel link or playlist link!
You can add more Tabs and change Tab names in the YouRam plugin..
Styling options for colors and fonts are also available!


Video Display Mode:

For the sake of this live edit demo, we are re-building YouRam plugin cache every time on this page..

Basic Options

Styling Options

Caching Options

Advanced Options

Hiding Options

How to Use YouRam:

Upload the "youram" folder to your server using FTP.

Add the YouRam container DIV inside your HTML body. <div id="yram" class="youram"></div> Include the YouRam JS and CSS scripts in your HEAD section inside HTML. <script src="./path-to-script/youram.min.js"></script> <link href="./path-to-script/youram.min.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> Call the YouRam Script in your Script Tag <script> $(".youram").youram({ //generate your own key for live environments. Simple steps available. apiKey:"AIzaSyCUZ0c1peUkTV0_36UKjxkqX9y47GSb5Bg", sourceLinks:["Videos==", "Tom & Jerry=="], maxResults:"10", videoDisplayMode:"popup" }); </script>

How to generate YouTube API Key:

1. Navigate to Google Developer Console.

2. Log in using your Google Account. Click on the "New Project" button.

3. Provide a Project name and click on Create button.

4. Inside your new project, search for YouTube Data API in the search box and select it.

5. Click on the Enable button for the YouTube Data API.

6. Then navigate to Credentials item and click on Create Credentials button. Then select API Key.

7. Copy your API Key and use it in your YouRam plugin options.

Let us know what additional features you would like to get in Youram!

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