YouRam Simple

YouTube Channel, Playlist & Video Gallery jQuery plugin

YouRam Simple creates a beautiful Gallery of YouTube videos from any channel uploads or a playlist link. Videos are shown in a popup or as an embed.

YouRam Simple is a Free jQuery plugin under MIT licence.

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How to Use YouRam Simple:

Add the YouRam container DIV inside your HTML. <div id="yram" class="youram-simple"></div> Include the YouRam JS and CSS scripts in your HEAD section inside HTML. <script src="./path-to-script/youram-simple.min.js"></script> <link href="./path-to-script/youram-simple.min.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> Call the YouRam Script in your Script Tag <script> $(".youram-simple").youramSimple({ //generate your own key for live environments. Simple steps available. apiKey:"AIzaSyCUZ0c1peUkTV0_36UKjxkqX9y47GSb5Bg", sourceLink:"", maxResults:"10", videoDisplayMode:"popup" }); </script>

Make sure you generate your own YouTube Data API v3 KEY from Google Developer Console. Check out the API Key creation steps here.

More Features of YouRam Simple:

The plugin is Responsive. Meaning you will get a 1 column or 2 column or 3 column or 4 column or 5 column grid depending on size of the plugin area.

Load More feature to display all videos in your YouTube playlist OR Channel Uploads.

Video Player can be shown in a Popup or Inline Embed.

Beautiful and Fast Loading jQuery plugin.

Special Thanks:

Magnific Popup plugin by Dmitry Semenov.

Contact Us:

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